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  1. I'm running unraid 5.0.5 with the plugins for sab, sick, couch, and serviio. I want to upgrade to unraid 6 soon. When I change my plugins over to the v6 versions, can I keep my existing app directories, databases and data on my cache drive? Or must I wipe them and start over? Thanks!
  2. Forgot to mention that on the files the ownership is nobody and the permissions look ok. For example, sabnzbd.ini is 755. What I've been doing is moving files to flash, then copying over via console to cache, changing ownership, and setting perms. There's GOTTA be an easier way! :-)
  3. Just installed sabnzbd via plugin to a new cache drive. I can't edit any files via the cache share & windows. What's the best way to enable this without messing up the permissions?
  4. Ok... if that's correct then I will continue using it. I was just concerned because when I used those my bzroot came out 8Mb larger when I barely added anything to the image. R
  5. To further this a bit, I saw with the compression change done in 5RC that we now need to use the following to extract bzroot: xzcat /path/to/bzroot | cpio -m -i -d -H newc --no-absolute-filenames Do we need to use a new command to compress? What should we use with the new releases? I seem to be having issues with this as the original RC4 file is about 32Mb and when I compress it jumps to 40Mb. Thanks!