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  1. Thanks Trul no I did not read the links yet. my excuse is I travel for work and got home last night, out all week. And I have plenty of "home work" when I get back to the hotel, but thanks I have been doing a little bit of reading this morning and afternoon Thanks for everyone time and patience
  2. Sorry two may tabs up in more than one place repeated myself
  3. M____U was the one that I made up that only was 120gigs or so. So I made up a new share and turned the cache off since what i understood from everyones post is the cache is used as part of a share, and by not using the cache it would make the share use the rest of the space on the array instead of limiting itself to what was left of the cache. so I deleted M_____U made up a new one called M_____E and when i turned off the cache this time making up the share it used the 15 TB instead of the 120g Still doesnt make sense to me why it would operate that way b
  4. Thanks Constructor I will look at how to set up the cache. Not allowing it to use the cache popped the size of the share up to the full capacity of the arrray (minus other shares). I did not have to excluded any drives nor were the cache drives listed (my mistake) So the cache is used as kind of a swap file too for temporary data and not just stuff waiting to be written and those three directories created by default are on the cache drives. So it is holding out part of the cache for those directories. OK now I know, and I will read those post
  5. i'll check again I saw two setting I believe about using drives one was like a "use all" drives and another dont remember off the top of my head. That seem like a bug to me cache should be the "scratch pad" temporary holding space to speed up the system its the fastest drives. Shareing it would take up space on the one thing that is used to speed up the system. Ok so I need to excluded the cache drives? and it sound like I need to delete the share I created, and make a new one? I will look at that and report back. maybe that will give me enough t
  6. So what settings when creating the share give it its largest size? thanks again here is the zip file tower-diagnostics-20200209-2241.zip
  7. Ive looked over the internet and the forum but I cant find how to make my User shares any bigger I have a 15.5 TB array and Unraid created 4 shares 3 with 120g 1 with 15TB. I deleted it because I wanted to rename and I thought I could just delete make a new one and it would ask me the name I wanted and the size. When I created a new one its size was just 120 like the other three not 15TB and no way to change it. How do I create a share and adjust the share size? So far UnRaid has worked for streaming movies to my Kodi box with only 4 Gigs of DDR 2 ram and