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  1. Holy cow... it works!! Stopping unraid from using my AMD GPU with video=efifb:off was the key to success.. Behold the glory! Now I just need to figure out the best way to share a keyboard/mouse
  2. Thanks jpowell, i'll give that a go. After some faffing around in recovery mode I finally got ubuntu to work, hurrah (at least with the 1080 passed through)!! The trick was installing the right nvidia driver installed properly with 'ubuntu-drivers autoinstall'.. Now if I can just figure out how to get the AMD card working I'll be good to go
  3. Hello again, Thanks for your reply. I managed to install Ubuntu via VNC fine, but as soon as I enable passthrough I get the same problem - I get the TianoCore logo, then a bit of boot text from ubuntu but as soon as it switches to a graphical mode the screen goes black. I'm sticking to trying to pass the 1080 through as that works with a windows VM. I tried installing the official nvidia drivers (I just ran apt-get install nvidia-340, not sure if there's anything else i need to do?) but no cigar. It's annoying because I feel it's so close to working! I'm attaching my di
  4. Thanks Testdasi, I'll try that and report back.. That's annoying about the GPU, I actually bought that one just for this job after failing to get things to work on an ancient HD5570 I found in cupboard at work . I don't think that is my only problem here though as I get the same issue with the 1080, which I can pass through to windows fine. Annoyingly my BIOS has a setting for choosing the PCIE port for the initial display but it seems to ignore me and always pick the AMD card to show the startup screen.. Is there a recommended card? It doesn't have to be super powerful, it
  5. Hi Folks, New to the unraid world, I'm trying to set up a box with a windows gaming VM and a linux dev VM. Threadripper 3970, Gigabyte Aorus TRX40 extreme motherboard. GTX1080 as the gaming GPU, AMD RX550 for the linux VM. I've been fighting with Hyper-V, then Xen for the last couple of weeks before stumbling across Unraid and it's so close to working but not quite! So the windows VM is good, the 1080 gets passed through and performance seems fine. With the Linux VM though, it fails early on in the install (tried Ubuntu 18.04 and 19.10 so far) . I get the GR