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  1. Please forgive my ignorance, but what is the benefit of this plugin? What is swap file used for?
  2. I think I got that - base = core ? But my real problem was that none of the packages was automaticly installed with reboot. I had to manually do a "installplg xxx" for each plugin. /Morten
  3. Its probably me, but I cant find the Base package. Where is it? /Morten
  4. In order to get easier menues I've selected to also create one folder for each year. So my Pictures is like this: 2012 |-- 201201 Event name |-- 201202 Event name 2011 |-- 201103 Event name |-- 201103 Event name |-- 201104 Event name
  5. my mistake, try writing installplg and not Installplg.
  6. What command are you using? What plugin are you trying to install? What exactly does the error message say?
  7. 1. Copy the plugin file to the /config/plugins directory on your flash drive 2. Telnet to your box and execute installplg /boot/config/plugins/pluginname.plg (or reboot) 3. You should be done edit: fixed typo
  8. I could be guessing, but I think what flush is after is a possibilty to login without username/password and get read only access and another way of login with username and password giving write access.
  9. Wouldn't that still ask you for a username / password?
  10. And here is some more strange listings. I clicked to open the Logviewer, then clicked to view a logfile and see, its listed from last line down to one and then back up again. (See image)
  11. When I test this now and click the sort arrow, it lists entries more than once - see attachment
  12. Hi The new Log feature looks nice! Some small points from me too: 1) I agree that the font used for the log is very small and with quite much whitespace. Must a "courier" type font be used? Could you use a sans-serif font instead? 2) I also agree that I would like to see an option to sort both ways 3) If you search for something with the search box, the only way to reset it is to clear the text in the box and "go" again. Maybe a clear icon? 4) Maybe an option to filter only Info messages as well? 5) What about an option to filter on process? Aka "show only emhttp" or "show only kernel"? 6) Is there a reason that the window is fixed in height and not using the whole screen? Keep up the good work!
  13. Hmm, OK, yes. See that now, just had to exit and start MC again for the change to take place. Thanks! /Morten