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  1. That gives be some things to try. Thank you again!
  2. Awesome thank you! Is there something similar to easily hide and unhide folders instead of removing them by chance? Thanks again for your help!
  3. Hello everyone. It's clear in looking over these forums that those of you active here know WAY more than I do so I'm looking to borrow some of your ingenuity. Perhaps this has already been done but I'm having trouble locating it. I'd like to figure out a way with Unraid so that when I delete an episode or movie, the folder containing it is automatically deleted. The best bet is some kind of script or plugin that would automatically (on a schedule probably) scan for and delete folders smaller than a set size. Even better would be a way to instead of deleting the folders....hide them from Windows. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Ok so I'm a newbie to Unraid. I put together a server with 3 drives to play around with to see if I wanted to use it. The first time went pretty smooth, but then my doc managed to take out my USB flash drive. I figured no biggy, I hadn't put any data on it yet, so I'll just do everything over again. So I installed it, installed unmenu, precleared the drives (using the -n option, since I knew the drives worked fine). Once that was all done went to the interface page, assigned the drives, clicked format, and started the array. However, on the main interface page two of my drives show "Not installed" under the Model/Serial No. column and their capacities don't show. On the unmenu page I see one says "parity disk not present" even though I definitely have one installed. I'll include the syslog, I formatted and started the drive earlier today. I did notice (if this helps) a bunch of errors in it that say "BLKGETSIZE ioctl error: -27". Any and all help is greatly appreciated! ***edit*** Found the answer. I'm retarded. I decided to use the 4.7 version which doesn't support 3TB drives. Upgraded the server and all is well now. Sorry folks, nothing to see here! syslog-2012-05-23.txt
  5. Thanks for the reply! I'm a noob when it comes to unraid, so if this sound stupid I apologize. 1) Where do I find the hosts file 2) What is the correct format to add the information as you mentioned?
  6. So I recently set up my first unraid server to play around with the software and learn it before deciding to invest in hard drives and move my entire media collection to it. After a couple of days playing around and learning it, I got it up and running. Alas, an overexcited pet caused a demise of the USB flash drive. No biggy, I thought. I hadn't really put any files on it or anything yet anyway, I'll just set it all back up again from scratch and once I have my 3 hard drives running I'll upgrade with a registration key. So last night I went through the process of getting the software to boot, verify network connectivity, and install unmenu. I can get the main page of unmenu to load via "IPADDRESS:8080" but if I click any of the links there, I get the "cannot connect" various errors via Chrome or IE. I'm trying to get in and install screen so I can preclear the drives and get things moving. The regular web UI works fine. Has anyone come across that particular problem? Would it have anything to do with the fact that the drives in there now were up and running as a server previously (though with no real data on them)? I appreciate any help in advance!