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  1. Thanks everyone!! Ill be reaching very soon. Cant wait.
  2. @Hoopster First of all thank you! 1.I plan to use plex just as you just to stream to my movie room and to myself when Im away from home. Movie quality is very important to me as well. 2. Whichever option you recommend that will yield the best quality of picture 3. Right now Im not worried about 4k content, I dont have any 4k movies. Maybe later down the road I can upgrade the server for 4k.
  3. @Hoopster yes still looking for some help before my wife makes me get rid of all these hard drives Ive bought LOL
  4. Hey guys, been a few years since Ive been on here. Had some family things take place but Im back. Im hoping there are some Houston unraid build owners on here. Im trying to find someone I can meet with or talk with to help guide me on what parts I need to get and with my build. So far I have all the drives, and an Antec 1200 case. Im just going to be using the unraid to backup and stream my movies, maybe store family photos. Anybody here from Houston? Thanks everyone
  5. Hey Im sorry I just saw this reply, are you still located in Houston?
  6. Thanks Frank! What do you think is a more realistic budget to build a descent unraid? I'll be using it to steam my movie collection.
  7. Hey Frank! Thanks for responding, and you are right the build isn't my problem it's getting the right parts together. I have about $300- $500 to finish the build.
  8. Ok, is there anyone of you guys in the HOUSTON area that wouldn't mind helping me build my unraid? I have my case and 5 5tb hard drives purchased. I just dont know what else to buy as far as specs as well as putting it together and I really want to get this done. Please help
  9. drecain

    Part Picking

    Hey folks! Building my first UNRAID with no computer experience. Ive purchased my Antec 1200 case, and I have about 12 tb of WD Red drives. i also have have the icy dock drive cages. I have no clue on how to choose CPU,motherboard, power supply and RAM. Trying to keep the build price down, can any of you make recommendations please?
  10. Any of you guys/girls from Houston that can help me put my unread together? Ive never done this before and need help picking out my parts. So far I have 5 3tb WD HDD, and my Antec 1200 case. Ill be buying some drive cages next but Im not sure how to choose affordable CPU, motherboard, and RAM. I plan on using this to run PLEX so I need to be able to get audio and video to my TV with this. Thanks in advance.
  11. Any of you from Houston area? I would pay you to put my UNRAID together. Ill buy the parts I just need help putting it together. Im tired of my wife looking at me crazy because I started but havent finished this. Thanks
  12. drecain

    Step by Step

    so im going to have to get that ethernet drop then. ok thanks!