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  1. Thank you for your help. Please check my updated screenshot, I can't see the data of hard disk 2 and disk 3 in unraid now, what should I do to see the data. I have purchased a new SSD hard drive to replace the broken one.
  2. 在Unraid 6.7.2系统上,总共有3个硬盘,磁盘1是SSD,在此SSD硬盘上安装了docker和vms,磁盘2和3是用于存储数据的机械硬盘,现在磁盘的状态1为“丢失”,阵列状态停止。我当前的要求如下: 1.最重要的是,磁盘2和磁盘3可以恢复,如何恢复它们。 2.我要购买一个新的SSD硬盘并将其放在磁盘1的位置,以安装docker和vms。我的问题是,可以自动安装以前安装的泊坞窗吗? 提前致谢。
  3. hi guys, I installed fix common problems and found some error. Could anyone explain what does it mean? Is the CPU problem? tks.
  4. Does anyone want to help analyze it, thank you very much
  5. Machine Check Events detected on your server Yesterday I found out that my unraid could not be accessed on the local area network. The ping failed. Then I connected the monitor and keyboard to the NAS. Nothing was displayed on the screen and the keyboard light was not on. Then I powered off and restarted the machine. Then I installed the Fix Common Problems plug-in. After running the plug-in, it prompts Machine Check Events detected on your server. Then I followed the prompt to install mcelog via the NerdPack plugin, then ran the diagnostics program, and downloaded the log. Can an