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  1. Looks like the change to the bio did it. I have been stable now for several days longer than the previous record. Thank you both very much!
  2. Thank you both. I will change the settings of the bios first then the config to validate the fix.
  3. Hey folks, I recently upgraded my unraid server switching from an i3 to a ryzen 1600x i had on my main machine. After the hardware upgrade the system now crashes periodically. I thought it was an issue running the old install so I reinstalled unraid but am getting the same results. After going through the logs myself and seeing what else is being suggested on this forum the fix is probably to replace the cpu, but i wanted to get a second opinion before buying a new cpu. It seems to occur on both a sa fe boot and normal boot. Any thoughts from the attached logs? Thanks in advance for the help. syslog