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  1. Upgraded today from 16c to 5.0 Final. Still using SF 1.0.11. Parity Check as "usual": Last checked on Sun Sep 1 17:33:45 2013 CEST (today), finding 0 errors. Duration: 10 hours, 3 minutes, 26 seconds. Average speed: 82,9 MB/sec So for me is everything fine, waiting for Speeding_Ant to update his addons. For specs see my sig. Thanks Tom for your good work! Cheers
  2. as far as i know vmxnet3 driver was added in rc5 and works out of the box. i'm using it in my unraid vm (ESXi 5.0U2) without problems. cheers
  3. I don't really care about side discussions about SF, not a big deal to me. All data is good data. Obviously would prefer basic testing with 'stock' configuration, but no worries. so... here my results ... with and without SF ... just to be sure... not much difference Unraid RC12/SF 1.11 Unraid RC12 Stock 05 Mins Estimated speed: 111,1 MB/sec Estimated speed: 115.67 MB/sec 10 Mins Estimated speed: 110,7 MB/sec Estimated speed: 113.02 MB/sec 15 Mins Estimated speed: 110,7 MB/sec Estimated speed: 111.89 MB/sec 20 Mins Estimated speed:
  4. here are the results of my parity check within the last 20 minutes with SF 1.11 Simple Features WI Display: 5 mins Estimated speed: 111,1 MB/sec 7 mins Estimated speed: 112,0 MB/sec 8 mins Estimated speed: 108,4 MB/sec 9 mins Estimated speed: 109,3 MB/sec 10 mins Estimated speed: 110,7 MB/sec 11 mins Estimated speed: 111,1 MB/sec 12 mins Estimated speed: 113,0 MB/sec 13 mins Estimated speed: 112,7 MB/sec 14 mins Estimated speed: 109,3 MB/sec 15 mins Estimated speed: 110,7 MB/sec 20 mins Estimated speed: 110,8 MB/sec UNMENU WI Display 20 mins
  5. Assume you have a non realtek NIC? onboard intel nic's ... running vmxnet adapter since my unraid is virtual. will test parity check speed later...
  6. Currently running RC12 on the system in my sig. No problems right now...
  7. thanks joe! since i changed to m1015 controllers unmenue refused to display disk temps. adding this parameter solved the "problem"...
  8. The tutorials thread isn't accessible for me with the meassage shown on the screenshot. Any idea?
  9. thanks for the reply, will try it later and simply remove the tmp plg...
  10. Hi, thanks for updating one of my favourite "Plugins". One thing i came across is that in an virtual environment (VMWare ESXi in my case) because of the fact there are no sensors for the virtual machine. the console gets spammed with "no sensors found" messages, so... is it possible to implement a function where i can choose if i want to use the sensors functionality or not? A second issue is that the newer ssl packages conflict with the one installed via unmenue which breaks my ssh server. maybe i can resolve that by myself by installing the needed packages manually will