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  1. Thanks for the reply, I feel better knowing they're both CMR.
  2. I shucked EasyStore last year and turned out to be a EMAZ drive. I shucked a MyBook today (after testing) turned out to be a EZAZ drive. Both are 10TB/each and the SMART Attributes section displays, "22 Helium level 0x0023 100 100 025 Pre-fail Always Never 100," for both of them. I assume they're both Helium at this point. SMR -OR- non-SMR/CMR is the question.
  3. Here are the issues and solutions I found to run pfSense in a docker on unRaid. First, I followed Spaceinvader One's 8 Part tutorial series below. Fair warning; I encountered a hardware problem read below. Also, in Part 3 using a Ryzen CPU solved below. Reference: FIRST, problem... The system would not recognize the Intel NIC I purchased. (eBay: Intel NIC lottery amite?:) I would stay away from the INTEL EXPI9404PTL PRO/1000 PT as it was never recognized by unRaid. Search the forums, plenty of issues with it. After
  4. Works in VNC no problem. GT 1030 - with and without Rom Bios Machine i440fx/Q35 - All give the same error as before.
  5. It gives me the same error. If I put the GPU back into the 2.0 x1 slot it works. I have no idea why it won't work in the 3.0 x8 slot.
  6. Hello, So I'm having issues with my win10 VM. I had a SAS controller in the 3.0 x8 slot. I thought It would be best to use the bandwidth for my dedicated VM/GPU. So I swapped my SAS controller with my GPU onto the 2.0 x1 slot. Array came up no problem. However, with the GPU in x8 slot, when I start the VM after boot, one of my cores is pegged at 100%. Then I force stop and try it again; I receive, Unknown PCI header type 127, error. Any ideas why this would be?
  7. I will look into it. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Any idea why this is?