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  1. Really? Shouldn't raid 1 be the same performance than a single drive? Because the individual drives are way faster. Even the array is faster than the cache...
  2. Huy guys, I hope someone can halp me. I did my best to search the forum, but i could not find a solution. I have two ssd's in a raid 1 cache pool. When i do a write test onto /mnt/cache using dd (10GB) i get a write speed of 80MB/s and thats after a manual rebalance and a manual trim, before that it was even worse. One of the ssd's is connected using a usb adapter and one is a m.2 drive. I know this setup is not ideal but i still would expect at least 200mb/s or am i wrong? I'll atach a diagnostic zip so you can better understand my configuration. Thanks in advance for helping! nas-diagnostics-20200322-1400.zip