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  1. Once I understood what you meant I reinstalled it and Voila. Thank you.
  2. I do not understand sorry. This is a completely new environment for me. It's a totally new language which I am struggling with. Server is started with array ,cache, parity all ok but transferring data would take me a lifetime. I have external drive attached but I cannot get Krusader which I THINK is installed to start. I have read all that I can see and watched all I can find for the last two days but im now getting frustrated as time is of the essence if I am going to purchase this software. It seems things are not as straight forward as I believed. Probably too many years working in a windows environment.
  3. Server seems to be running fine started to transfer data but I don't have a year to wait. Need to install Krusader so I can read external USB drive and move data to Array. Only I cannot seem to start Krusader. I think it is installed but not sure how to config it assuming that is what stopping it opening. Any help appreciated, any video I have watched does not seem the same. Thanks.