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  1. Hi Guys, I am a new user of unraid and it's my first time on this OS. I wish make a Windows 10 VM for GPU Passthough over a JellyFin + VPN Server but when I try to run for the first time my VM I got this message: And my screen say: No Bootable device. What can I do for resolve it? I have iso into isos folder and my default iso path is: /mnt/user/isos/ .
  2. Ok, so let's go for a Micro ATX. I clearly don't want go to blue team because cost per core are too high for me. iGPU is a good idea but isn't it a little bit weak for 4K H265 10bits transcoding? I have take a look on the Node 304 but, you cannot add hotswap in the 5.25 Bay and it's Mini ITX so they are no 6 SATA AMD Motherboard available now.. I will consider a Micro ATX with AMD CPU, which smallest case will fit with it ?
  3. I live in a small apartment it is why I look for a small factor case but I don’t want to kil my hard drive so I will look for a Node 304. I was thinking about a Enthoo 719 but I was unable to find the Evolve X or the Power Splitter in France because they are rare and overpriced here. i will consider a Super for the GPU but I´m not sure to need the extra power of a more powerful Gpu. I have found Sata expansion card over m2 port it’s why I was okay with the limitation of 4 Sata ports on the motherboard.
  4. I have pick my hardware selection, do you think this will be enough good? CPU: Ryzen 2700 - 8 Cores CPU 4.1GhZ - 20MB MB: Aorus GA-B450I WiFi ITX Motherboard RAM: 2x 8Go G.Skill Ripjaws V 2666MhZ CL16 DDR4 (Non-ECC) (The one i allready have) GPU: MSI GTX 1650 4GT LP OC Low-Profile Dual Fan PSU: SilverStone SFX SST-SX500 Rev 2.0 (80+ Gold) Case: Silverstone SST-DS380 Total: 930€ Another question, I was searching for a ITX motherboard with at least 2.5gbe Ethernet or more and they seems not exist ATM. Does it’s possible to support a 2.5gbe LAN Adaptater or more over the USB-C port ?
  5. After reading the topic, I will consider to buy a 2700 instead because he looks less problematic to make it run properly and it's only 50 more euros.
  6. Ok so I can stick with my 32Go non ECC. However, if I stock on my unRaid NAS my pictures from a shooting I am not risk free of corrupted file. Does they is a solution for have a non-ECC without risk of corrupted file ? My old QNAP server does not have ECC memory, what does that mean ? Does it is risky to use it like a daily backup plan ?
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking for my first UnRAID Server but I have some questions before buying new stuff. my main usage will be for Streaming/Transcode from JellyFin server (fork of Emby) with 3 devices in the same time, NAS Stockage with sensible data and One or two VM running Linux distro for work. Because I would like to have everything working in the same time, I am looking for relatively cheap and 8 core CPU with high passmark score like a Ryzen 1800x. (I found one brand new for 108€). I already have (from another build but like new) a 550w gold PSU and 32Go of DDR4 (no-ECC) lying around. Does ECC Memory is absolutely needed? Do I have to sell for rebuy ecc memory? Does 1800x is a good choice or do I have to select another one ? Does a NAS OS which can run without ecc and risk free for my files exist ? Thanks you for reading !