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  1. yes, that's true, but I'd be limited to /downloads/Anime (in my case), but I also want to use /downloads/TV Shows
  2. Ah, that's because sonarr doesn't allow different save paths per show, it will download every show to the same path. Since I only use rss feed for airing shows, they get uploaded in single .mkv files per torrent. So I set the save path for each rss filter to a different folder per show, like so: /downloads/Anime/Kaguya-sama Love is War/Season 2/ or /downloads/Anime/Plunderer/Season 1/ EDIT: I don't want to have duplicate copies of my files and I could never figure out how to get hardlinks to work, so I've given up on sonarr for my airing shows.
  3. Yes, I've tried a couple testers, but being completely new to regex, I have absolutely no idea what it is it wants me to fix.
  4. Hello, so I've been trying to get the RSS Feed working, but I can't seem to figure out the regex filter no matter what I do. A torrent I want is: Kaguya-sama: Love is War? - TV Series [2020] :: Web | MKV | h264 | 720p | AAC 2.0 | Softsubs (HorribleSubs) | Episode 2 | Freeleech and the filter I'm trying to use is: /^ If anyone could please tell me what I'm doing wrong or missing, that would be appreciated. Thank You