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  1. Thanks, I have checked and the power supply idle control is on Typical Current Idle. Will keep an eye on the server.
  2. Thanks, I am sure I did set it but will double check.
  3. Hi yeah, the BIOS is on the latest and I have adjusted the Power Supply to the recommended. Sorry is it ok to disable C-States?
  4. Hey thanks for that, the issue has been going on for a while when I had a Intel I7 setup. The server will lockup for about 1-2 mins, but seems to carry on working in the background, but I cannot access the GUI via the ip address or ping the server. Just to cover all bases, I have checked, I only seem to have C-States not just C6 do I need to disable all C-States? Thanks
  5. Hi all, hope you are well. For a while I have been having issues, where Unraid would hang, and I could not access the GUI or ping the Unraid server, but after around 2 mins it would come back up. I was running older hardware, so decided to upgrade. Went with a Ryzen CPU, and 2.5G NIC. All seemed to be happy, but I am still getting the occasional hang. I am investigating outside influences, but I was wondering if somebody would be able to look at my diagnostics and see if I have missed anything? I have looked through, but nothing jumped out. The hang happened around 7.20am BST. Any advice, help would be appreciated.
  6. Hey all, Hope you are well. I am looking to upgrade my i7-2600 Unraid server to a AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF, motherboard (of course) the whole lot. Are there any gotcha's I need to watch out for when switching to the AMD from the Intel, any settings in the BIOS etc? Thanks.
  7. I currently have 32GB DDR3 RAM in my main server and a I7-2600, running a load of dockers, a linuxmint VM and a Windows 10 VM. I have some spare hardware so going to build a backup server with 16GB RAM and a Xeon E3-1220.
  8. Hello, I have 2 Quadro K620 lying around gathering dust I know they are not fantastic but I would like to use them in my unraid setup. Any recommendations what to use them for?
  9. Hi, I managed to get it all setup but like you it buffers at the start and intermittently. My media direct plays through Plex normally but tried to transcode through from the listing. I'll have a look at disabling FFMPEG like you suggest.
  10. Hi, I have read about PseudoTV with Plex and Kodi, has anyone set this up in a docker on Unraid? Any instructions would be great, thanks.
  11. Hi all, Is there a way in Jellyfin, Emby or Plex to create a TV listing. Basically I want to setup like a Sky, BBC tv listing of episodes from my media. So one night I might watch the 1st episode of the Big Bang Theory, Scrubs and Red Dwarf etc, next night ill watch episodes of something else. Is there a way to automatically achieve this?
  12. Hello all, Hope you are well. I have just started getting the following in my logs on the unraid server: Mar 9 14:26:35 GamingNAS kernel: DMAR: DRHD: handling fault status reg 3 Mar 9 14:26:35 GamingNAS kernel: DMAR: [DMA Read] Request device [08:00.0] fault addr 100000000 [fault reason 06] PTE Is this to do with bad RAM? Or something else? Thanks as ever
  13. Hi all, I am setting up another Unraid server and I want to use it as a backup server. What is the best way to sync to the backup server any new data from the main server on a schedule? Thanks
  14. Hi @bitcore I think I have found the cause, my router. I have been using the ISP router and, when it disconnects I started checking the logs, I found that it has been randomly disconnecting devices. Not just the unraid server, but laptops, WAPs everything. I have ordered a new TP-Link AC2800 router, so hoping that will sort the issue.
  15. Hi, I am still getting these issues. Randomly I will get locks, where the GUI is unresponsive, I cannot ping or access the shares. I have tried different switches, which seem to solve the issue for a short time, then it rears its head again. I have tried PCIE NICs as well, but no help. What is very strange in my case, is that any PCs, I access remotely, go down and I cannot access them and I cannot access anything through my WAP. The Amazon fire cube stays up. I am wondering if it could be my router which is an EE hub (I am in the UK) or something is swamping the network randomly. I don't know. I might setup wireshark to monitor things.