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  1. Yeah it was the .img files. Couldn't find a way to change the path in Docker so I just bit the bullet and wiped the drive and remade the docker containers.
  2. Is there a way to migrate docker to a different disk? Backstory here is I rebuilt my server a few months ago and I encrypted all the disks except the first disk which for whatever reason didn't encrypt. I've told unraid to exclude that disk from all shares and it seems that the only thing that is on there now is my docker files. I can't seem to find any way to configure docker to use a different disk in the array, and I don't want to just wipe the disk and encrypt for fear of losing all my docker containers and settings.
  3. Is there any way to get docker to use another disk so I don't loose that set up?
  4. I recently had to rebuild my array on my system and I'm running into an issue where the first disk in the array wouldn't let me encrypt it during set up. I'm wondering if there is any way to "eject" that disk from the array and re-add it as encrypted? I have set all my shares not to use that disk but it seems like docker might still be using it.
  5. Hey thanks the info above, that and me getting out of the mental lock of treating UNRAIDS VMs as magic instead of the VM's I've used in every other facet of my life, lol. Ended up making a new VM for each machine with similar settings and then just using Krusader to move the .img for each machines disk over to the appropriate folder and that did it! Thank you all for the advice and getting me back up and running!
  6. I have no objections to doing that, is there a way to move the VMs off the old SSD and then re-import them?
  7. Ok so I think I may have messed up :( Backstory: I have a Dell R510 that had a PERC H700 card in it. At the time I was in a rush to get the server set up and the card wouldn't allow for JBOD mode, so I set my 6 spinning disks as a RAID 5 and then set up UNRAID. I had a 512GB SSD that was on the SATA bus but not part of the RAID 5 array, and that's where I stored all my VM's Flash Forward to today and I've decided to fix that issue. I backed up all my data (except the VM's) and I am trying to get the array online, but UNRIAD won't let me re-assign the SSD as disk 2 like it used to be, tells it's it's "wrong". Is there any way to either reassign the disk as Disk 2 or ideally, assign is at a lower disk (set disk 1-5 as the data disk now that they're a JBOD and not RAID 5 array and then set the SSD as Disk 6 but tell UNRAID "Yo that disk has the VM's on it, so be a sport and spin them up for me why don't ya?")