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  1. I assume i can upgrade one parity drive at a time then? Does it matter if your HDD's have different rpms? Thanks again.
  2. I'm using two parity drives that are 4TB and 4 4TB drives, as i understand it if i want to use a 8TB HDD i would need to have a parity drive of the same size so would both parity drives need to be 8TB or only one of them? Thanks
  3. Is there a simple app that will take the photos from my phone and store them on unraid automatically ? I know there are a few cloud backs ups not sure if they have this function, it's for iOS.
  4. Simple question i moved over HDD's that had windows installed on them how do you format them within unraid? I have not started a Array yet.
  5. That is a lot of ports but still $49 vs $249 or $99, i just want something stable and not to costly.
  6. Why buy a LSI board if you can get the Adaptec for way less?
  7. The one you posted is a good price.
  8. Yes you can buy 2 8 port ones for less but it takes up your slots.
  9. I would like the 16 port but it is not cheap the LSI one that is. I've never seen the one you posted what is that brick thing coming off the board?
  10. I don't need 16 ports at the moment so i was wondering would it be ok to just buy the 8 port 9211 LSI board and add another one down the road when needed?
  11. off topic is a AMD cpu RYZEN 5 3600 paired with Nvidia gpu a good choce? I usually go intel but AMD is way cheaper for more performance now as I may try running Windows 10 in VM. Thanks for the info!
  12. I ask about shutting it down since i read somewhere or seen a video that unraid checks the parity drive once a week. Thanks for the reply!
  13. I'm just a home user that wants to back up all my data and use plex, i have 12TB of data and a lot of hard drives. I normally don't leave my PC on all the time only when i plan to use it. Will this be a issue for unraid? I turn it off to save some power and hard drive life. Coming from a synology NAS that i have out grown. Thanks
  14. How much CPU will i need to transcode 4k to 1080p in plex? Only one stream at a time. Or would a cpu/gpu combo work best? Thanks