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  1. I'm having issues mounting my cache drive. It keeps giving me this error: I've tried: Stopping the array Unassigning the SSD from the array Formatting as btrfs (and even xfs once) Moving SSD back to cache Starting the arraay I've done that several times. I've also rebooted the server a few times. Logs attached.
  2. Hello, all I just did a 10th gen Intel build. In order to get on-board LAN to work, I had to upgrade to the 6.9.0 non-stable version. However, now that I did that, I can't see my SAS HDDs. The other SATA stuff shows up, as well as the SAS card itself. Diagnostics attached.
  3. Hello all, I've had this issue about 3 or 4 times over the last two months. I'll find an issue with my VM and try to restart it, but the VM hangs up and eventually the VM tab does as well. Generally, the docker tab also becomes unresponsive. However, the rest of Unraid seems to work. I end up restarting the entire server and it fixes the problem each time. I can't remember the exact details of the previous occurrences, but I can provide good detailed account from this morning's event: > Wake up, try to log into Blue Iris VM with phone but there's no connectivity. So I go over to a desktop, log into Unraid, navigate to the VM tab, and VNC into the VM with no issue. The VM tab & VM itself works fine at this point > I notice there is no network connectivity inside VM (unraid works fine though). Fiddle around and eventually try to restart VM from within the VM. At this point, it just hangs on the Windows "shutting down" screen > I go back over to the VM tab that I still have open and do a force stop on the VM. The green circle spins for awhile but never stops, so I refresh the page. Unraid loads but when I click on the VM tab it just hangs up while trying to load. At this point, I can click on other tabs and they function just fine. But every time I click on VMs it doesn't load. This time around, I didn't try doing anything with the docker tab so I can't say if it was having issues or not. When this has happened in the past, the docker tab also seemed to have issues.
  4. I'm looking to upgrade my build due to CPU demand and would like to go for the i7-10700. I need the hyperthreading that the 10th gen offers and am unfortunately stuck with Intel due to Quick Sync being the only supported method of video transcoding in various things that I use. I'm curious how well Unraid works with the new 10th gen CPUs. I managed to find one previous thread with two people that got a 10th gen CPU 'working', but there were hiccups such as the on-board NICs not working (they had to resort to USB NICs). Anyone have experience with the new Intels?
  5. Probably not. I could try to update the BIOS, but I'm realizing that I don't actually need 64GB of RAM. If 2x16 doesn't cause errors, I may honestly stick with that and call it a day. The only reason that I have 64GB is that I came by it for free. I was thinking of using another memory test software to verify 100% that the two sticks ran without issue and that the errors did infact come from having four sticks in. One thing to note is that the memtest of each set had a significant difference in the time to complete (~2+ hours). Theoretically they are the same RAM, but could there be a large timing/latency difference contributing to this issue?
  6. This was the result of all 4 sticks in at once. But when tested 2x at a time, they work great Would it still be worth paying for an additional testing software like HCI or Karu for additional testing? Just to ensure that 2x sticks don't actually have errors
  7. All the sticks are identical - 4x G.Skill 16GB That's odd that the motherboard would have issues with all 4 slots populated. That test I posted above eventually error'd out due to too many errors (10k+). But, if that's the issue, I can live with 2x 16GB.
  8. Attached is the diagnostics from yesterday. I did start running a memtest yesterday (after dumping diagnostics). Oddly, I was having issues when I had all 4x sticks in at once (see photo). So I have been running 2x at a time. The first two passed 4/4 passes of memtest86. If the next two do as well, I may try something else like Karu or HCI. I may also try a single pass with one stick of RAM at a time, cycling through motherboard each slot. As for the SATA cables themselves, they are new and there are no crazy bends in them.
  9. SMART Report: WDC_WDS500G2B0A-00SM50_20157V461209-20200524-1107.txt
  10. Hello all, I'm having regular file corruption/checksum errors on my cache drive SSD. The SSD is brand new and this is a fresh server build. The SSD is a WD 500GB Blue plugged in via SATA. I noticed it yesterday (the first time the cache drive was used). I woke up and files hadn't moved off the cache. I looked at the logs and noticed the files were corrupt. So, I shutdown the array and reformatted the cache (BTRFS again). I got some downloads started last night and woke up to the exact same thing this morning. Is it something that I'm doing or a setting that I have incorrect that's causing this? Or is my SSD possibly bad?
  11. Well, I fixed it. If anybody is curious, I booted GParted live. Apparently, the drive was formatted with ZFS. I just deleted the partition and booted back to unraid.
  12. Hello, I have a HDD that disappears as soon as I try to assign it. This is a brand new install of Unraid (6.8.3) where the array hasn't even been started yet. As soon as Unraid boots up, I can see all 3x HDDs. But as soon as I try to assign a certain HDD, it disappears completely. If I reboot, it shows up again. I attached the diagnostics/log.
  13. Hello, all! I'm working on my very first UnRAID setup and have two questions. Let's say that I have two data drives in the array (plus a 3rd parity). Now, I want to transfer over my media library to the array, which is full of subdirectories, movies, shows, etc. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to putting the entire media share on one HDD of the array as opposed to spreading it out over both of the HDDs? From an organizational standpoint, my brain tells me it makes sense to put it on one HDD, while putting other related data on the 2nd HDD. Second question. Once I fired up and formatted my initial array, it created the default shares on that array's HDDs. However, I have an unassigned SSD that I would like to have the VMs/dockers/etc on. Do I simply change the filepath of those associated shares? Or do I have to move the share folder over? Thanks!
  14. Hello all, I'm looking for mobo recommendations for my first UnRAID build. I have an i7 Skylake CPU and 64GB DDR4-2133 that I recovered from e-waste, so I need a cheap motherboard now. It can be ATX, mATX, or mini-ITX form factor, though mini-ITX would be my last choice for reasons pertaining to the chassis. Edit to add: HDDs will be SAS. Thanks!