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  1. is docker compose meant to disappear on unraid or is it meant to persist after reboot ?
  2. Hello after much trial and error with docker on Ubuntu and unraid I have found that the lancache pack by josh5 was the issue. Long story short it wasn’t allowing clients to access the cached data at full speed and it doesn’t segregate the data from different CDN providers. the Docker ecosystem has had docker-compose for years, which the lancache team provide an example configuration for, that allows you to bring up all three containers with one CLI command. Am I able to get this to work on unraid directly without having to setup a vm ?
  3. Hello, i am having an issue reaching the GUI of the Plex server that i created using the template on i have tried everything i can think of and still cant get it to work, when i click web GUI or type in the IP address "This site can’t be reached" is given. is anyone able to help ?