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  1. Thanks Meep! I'll give that a shot. Do you think it would help if I deleted the network config file from the USB and reconfigured? Is there a possibility that there is something corrupted with how the Docker passes data to the NIC? Would deleting the Docker and rebuilding possibly fix that?
  2. Hello All. I've been having this issue ongoing for a while. The system seems to be somewhat stable if I leave the dockers disabled and the network non bonded, but when I enable bonding 802.3ad I start getting a bunch of "Call Trace" errors and "received packet on bond0 with own address as source address". I have another server with this identical NIC connected to the same switch and same settings with zero problems. After a short while, the docker becomes unresponsive, then I can't get to a command line or run a diagnostic, then the entire system just freezes and it won't even allow a
  3. I changed my mind.... it's definitely possessed. Won't stay up for more than an hour or two at a time now. I removed just about every plugin and turn off all script schedules. I keep the log window open since I won't be able to pull a diagnostic log after the fact, and no errors pop up at all before it freezes. I attached another diagnostics file after this latest reboot, although I don't know if it would be helpful.
  4. Thanks Squid! That's good news. But not sure why it froze up again. I did see a line about receiving it's own packet on BR0 which was a common issue in the last configuration. It seems this NIC may not handle the 802.3ad aggregation. I have the identical NIC in my other unraid server on the same switch with the same settings and never have an issue. I had to undo the bonding, and for now it seems stable. Is there a way to update or confirm bios compatibility on the NIC? Any other way to troubleshoot this?
  5. Hello and Happy New Year! I was having horrible issues with my server on this cheap chinese mobo with an older Xeon e5, so I decided to migrate over to an Asus/Ryzen setup I was previously using on my windows machine. I have a second unraid server I use to backup my more important media that has been running on random ancient AMD parts I had laying around, and has been bulletproof. I swapped everything over, plugged in the USB drive, and like magic it booted it worked like a champ instantly! I was so impressed. It's much more responsive and I'm now able to remotely stream 4K reliably.
  6. Hello and Happy New Year! I've been struggling to get this server right for a while now. I was having drive issues that seemed to now have been solved by upgrading my power supply. However, I have an issue that once every day or three, the server starts bogging down then eventually you can't even access the GUI and dockers quit working. When I press the power button, I sometimes get a confirmation beep signifying it is trying to shut down, but it does not and I have to force shutdown. Yesterday I was running a parity check, dockers crashed and I couldn't access the GUI, but it s
  7. UPDATE: New power supply in, and my drive errors have been cured! Thanks again for your help. However, I still have one remaining issue that I thought might have been related but apparently not... it seems I am having network issues. I have this identical network card in my other unRaid server setup the same way with LACP 802.3ad on the same Luxul managed switch. I get a "bond0: Warning: No 802.3ad response from the link partner for any adapters in the bond" error on boot. The other server has no network issues, but this system doesn't seem to properly negotiate the LACP
  8. That makes sense. The cabling on the PSU looks pretty chintzy. Just to be on the safe side, I just ordered an 800W PSU of better quality to be here tomorrow. I'll post an update this weekend if this resolves the problem. Thanks for your help, guys. I truly appreciate it!
  9. yes, 5 drives each in a drive enclosure . The PSU isn't anything special, so it may be the weak link in the chain.
  10. Good morning. It's still rebuilding the parity drive, but now disk 1 is throwing udma crc errors (was disk 2), so that doesn't appear to have fixed it. Could it just be the power supply itself is not good? Any other things I can try? I attached a new diagnostic file.
  11. Looks like it was on 2 separate wires, but there were some unnecessary adapters and plugs in between. I removed those now, and I'll try another run at a new config and see how it holds up.
  12. That could be it. It's a 650W with 10 drives. I'm not sure they are all on one line. I'll have to check when I get back to the house.
  13. Hello. I've been trying to find the source of these disk read errors and udma crc errors for a while now. I've replaced drive cables, drive enclosure, and the drive itself (more than once). SMART tests come back fine. Thought it might have been that 2 of the drives were not on the HBA, so I added an identical LSI 9300 8i, updated firmware, and reconfigured which cables were connected to which drives and ran a new config. I have a backup unraid server that is running just fine with (i believe) all the same settings except for the nerd pack plugin, sabnzbd, and sonarr. Could it be mobo
  14. Hello. I have been down with COVID for a while now, and just getting back to being able to try to deal with this, but I still have some significant brain fog on top of being a total noob with linux and unraid, so please forgive me if I'm not as coherent and knowledgeable as I should be. I've been dealing with a drive that has been giving me "udma crc error count" issues for a while. I thought it was a bad cable, so I replaced it. Tried a new drive... nope. This drive used to be directly connected to the MOBO's sata controller, and I moved it to the HBA. Still have errors.