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  1. Thanks Hoopster for the detailed response. It is definitely the 1080P streaming with hardware transcoding. I am seeing CPU rise to 80% when testing a stream. I do have a spare RX580. Will popping that in help in anyway or is all the transcoding handled mainly by the CPU? The i7 looks pricy, but I will be checkout Passmark for cheaper options that will give a boost. The i7-6700 looks interesting as well.
  2. Hey, I built a NAS server a couple of years back, but have been using it more now that I have switch from FreeNAS to Unraid. I currently am running 5 Drive with one as parity for a total of 19TB usable storage. Also have a 1TB ssd for cache. I have a MSI B250M VDH motherboard and a G4560 CPU and 16GB of RAM. WIth the increased Plex usage, I am seeing the CPU being a bottleneck. I was wondering from a price to performance ratio, what the best upgrade would be at the moment with keeping the motherboard. My open would be no more than $150 and am not afraid of used. My uses: Time Machine Backup, Plex, source drive for Lightroom/PS editing.