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  1. Yes i would like to use the BTRFS variant of RAID1 I have one more 2TB unassigned which i would like it to be the single drive in the array. 2 x 3TB with data to become the RAID1 Storage pool the 2 x 3TB currently as parity to remove and become cold spare
  2. I intend to upgrade to 6.9 and reconfigure my array from: 1 x 480GB Cache 1 x 3TB Parity 1 x 3TB Parity 2 1 x 3TB Disk 1 - filled with data 1 x 3TB Disk 2 - filled with data to: 1 x 480GB 2 x 3TB Raid 1 Storage Pool 2 x 3TB Cold Spare I am really an UNRAID noob. It will be great of if someone would be kind enough to provide some guidance. Thank you in advanced.
  3. Hi i have an out of memory and was advise to post the diagnostic data here for help?
  4. I am having a weird issue with unraid Speedtest plugin. When i connect to a physical router, the speedtest from unraid to my isp is about 3ms 700+mbps/600+mbps on a 1000mbps/1000mbps line When i connect to a VM Untangle router, the speedtest from unraid to my drops to about 8ms 60+mbps/10+mbps However if i do and iperf to and from unraid to any other pc on network i get 1ms 900+mbps/900+mbps and when i do speedtest from any pc to my isp, i get 3ms 700+mbps/600+mbps. So why is the slow speedtest from the plugin happening from within unraid? UNRAID to VM via physical cat7 cable from onboard NIC to Intel Quad NIC passthrough to Untangle VM I hope someone will be able to demystify this.
  5. Got it, I will buy a cheap quad nic pcie card. Thank you so much!
  6. Thank you for your reply. Just seeking some clarification on point 3. Do you mean that if I were to use a use nic for unraid, I would have to connect it physically to a switch that is connected to the lan port of the pfsense? Thank you.
  7. Yes I am referring to the 2 ports on the motherboard. There is not additional dual nic.
  8. Dear Experts out there, I seek your advise if it is possible to setup unraid with a pfsense vm on the following hardware: i3-4160 Asrock Rack E3C226D2I Dual NIC 16GB ECC Ram There are many online tutorials online that is based on a Quad NIC setup and nothing on Dual NIC(Onboard). It would be great if someone and provide some guidance on setting up the Dual NIC passthrough and be able to access the unraid web interface after. Thank you in advanced.