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  1. @JorgeB @Frank1940.. Replaced motherboard from asrock B450 pro to asus b550-f, and the systems been up for 2 days now. it seems like all is good. I also replaced the SATA cables as a precautionary step and got a 800V UPS. Thank you both so much for the great help and guidance.
  2. Is there any way to determine through diagnostics what component is bad?
  3. Ok so i updated BIOS, ran a parity that completed, but right at about the 24hour uptime mark. it crashed again. I believe the issue to be motherboard or CPU related. I am getting a new B550 motherboard in the next couple days and will update you on what happens. thanks again. I attached my latest Diag, in case you guys see something new. tower-diagnostics-20210720-1403.zip
  4. @Frank1940 @JorgeB thank you guys so much, ill make suggested changes, and update.
  5. First i want to apologize if i am posting in the wrong area, and will gladly move to designated spot. Secondly i want to thank you all for any help provided in advance. I had a power outage 3 days ago and things have not been the same, parity check starts ok 156 and then after about 2 hours drops to 1 mbs. I cant seem to narrow it down to one thing. my next step was going to be to bypass my logic controller. and goto straight to the motherboard sata ports. I have updated BIOS and ran a memtest and all seemed well from that perspective. unraid-diagnostics-20210715-2134.zip tower-diagnostics-20210714-2038.zip