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  1. Gave it a try, didn't have anything pop up. Someone on reddit recommended just nuking the file since I have VMs off anyway, I might give that a try.
  2. Running version 6.7.2 Title mostly sums it up, for some unknown reason it will write to the file a bunch of times and then stop for days before doing it again. It is considerably worse when I have VMs turned on and mostly likely burnt out my previous USB.
  3. Found it but not 100% sure its legit? Just want to be sure before I buy a few.
  4. Thanks, hate to be a bother but anything else? Nobody is selling it over here and Neweggs "excellent" shipping to australia is $32!
  5. Hi, Been using an ultra fit 16gb for the last year but it decided to burn out today. Looking for a replacement USB, unfortunately most posts/the wiki documentation list things that aren't available. I have a bunch of ultra flair's here but I've read they aren't a good choice. Thanks in advance.