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  1. Hello community. Today I have installed Unraid onto a 16GB USB and began a trial of Unraid OS using the latest stable version - 6.8.3. I have spent the last 4 hours trying to get 2 hard drives recognised by Unraid and have so far failed and quickly loosing trust in a system I am yet to use. I therefore turn to the community for guidance and to build this trust. The system is a SuperMicro CSE-846 with a X9DRi-F motherboard. It has an Adaptec 71605 1GB (SAS/SATA) RAID card installed connected to a backplane. I have configured this to HBA mode. I have installed
  2. Thank you for your reply. Great to hear from a fellow home user like myself. Thank you for giving your view on dockers and giving an alternative to TeamViewer. I will watch the videos this evening and educate myself what to do. As you said it is not a technical response but the words “it just works” made me smile.
  3. Hello forum, I have been contemplating switching to Unraid for a few years now and I am wondering if now is the time for me to take the jump and invest in an Unraid system. I have previously used Synology, Windows and Mac and for one reason or another I have felt the need to change. Before doing so I wanted to share why I am considering Unraid and what I hope to achieve so I can benefit from the knowledge of others before jumping in. CURRENT SET UP My current NAS set up is a 2014 Mac Mini with i5 and 4GB RAM. The OS can no longer be updated and the lack of RAM make