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  1. Hi guys, I was messing around with ioBroker aswell and found that the container was working for me, it hasn't been updated for 8 month as of today, but still better then nothing. Based on the Description in DockerHub I added the following variables: Hope this helps!
  2. I found a workaround for the 504 Error while setting up Nextcloud with MariaDB. Maybee this will help you guys, as I saw you had the same problems as I did: @Curious_George @daveo132 Steps: Install Nextcloud without external DB (on SQLite) Migrate DB from SQLite to MariaDB -------------------------------------------- Install Nextcloud and MariaDB as described in the tutorials (Like: or in the Spaceinvader One Video) Setup MariaDB Docker Create DB User, Database and grant rights Setup Nextcloud Docker Choose the SQLite selected as standard instead of the MariaDB you just initiated Nextcloud should now work (even if the error comes up) Now we have a functional Nextcloud on SQLite, thanks to the buildin occ tool we can now migrate to MariaDB. Migrate DB to MariaDB (See also Nextcloud Documentation: Open Unraid Terminal Open Nextcloud Docker Terminal signing in as user "abc" (technical nextcloud user): docker exec -it -u abc nextcloud sh Navigate to Nextcloud directory: cd /config/www/nextcloud/ Run OCC DB:Convert-Type Tool filling in the MariaDB (type mysql is correct in this case) credentials: (Schema: db:convert-type [--port PORT] <type> <username> <hostname> <database>) php occ db:convert-type --port="3306" mysql your_mariadb_user <Docker/Unraid IP> your_database_name You will be prompted for the MariaDB User password, and the tool will migrate the DB. Create missing indexes executing: php occ db:add-missing-indices Migrate some column types to bigint: php occ db:convert-filecache-bigint Check everything worked in the WebGui under Settings - > Administration -> Overview This should do the trick. I hope this also works for you! Greetings Findus