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  1. Yes, I read that Kubernetes has its very own version of API, client definitions, and YAML. However, these vary from that of their Docker counterparts. Hence, there is no possibility of using Docker CLI or Docker Compose for defining containers in Kubernetes. In scenarios where the platform needs to be switched, YAML commands and definitions are required to be rewritten from this post. Now i am clear on this which one is better for future point of view.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am learning cloud computing and I am confused to choose between docker and kubernetes as a container setup point. As I know about docker swarm API doesn’t support all Docker commands, it offers almost all the best functionality from Docker. So, Docker Swarm supports most of the tools available for Docker. However, if the Docker API is not capable of some required operation, there is no easy workaround available for utilizing the same in Docker Swarm. Can anyone know about kubernetes or tell me which one is better docker or kubernetes?