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  1. Hi, I am having big problems with this plugin and standby... No matter if I select manual or automated standy (WOL is working so system will start). I canl see the login screen on my TV (console) but I can not use my keyboard (not reacting) or the web access -> no connection. After a reset I can login (array will be checked because of hard reset). System: unraid 6.9.2 Gigabyte Z490M (rev. 1.0) Intel® Core™ i3-10100 CPU @ 3.60GHz 16GB Ram 2 x 1TB Cache SSD 3 x 10TB 1 x 3TB Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. YES, finally! Thank you very much @ CS01-HS
  3. I will try that, thanks for the advice. With the new container I get this in Emby.
  4. Ok, this works better. But I can not open the web ui and I have no idea where to enter the appdata config. edit: OK, container is running but still 100% cpu load while transcoding. This is frustrating.
  5. Same result without sudo. So should I try the container you mentioned?
  6. Here is the output from within the container. vainfo is not installed, but is Unraid really based on Ubuntu?
  7. Yes I know. due to too much modifications I had to create a new container...
  8. Yes, I have Emby Premiere lifetime. Maybe you can have a look in this thread: Thanks for help!
  9. Is this problem still existing in 6.8.3 and J4105? I can't enable hardware acceleration in Emby at all...
  10. Hi, I tried everything to get hardware acceleration working on my system: Asrock J4105 mITX Unraid 6.8.3 Whenever I try to transcode a file the cpu load will go up to 100%, so VAAPI is not working. Please have a look at the screenshots: Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  11. OK, seems to be a problem with Ubuntu: This is directly written to the cache ssd from Win10 without any modification.