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  1. Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Couldn't find that, but I did find global C-State control and I disabled it. Server is running, fingers crossed!
  3. Thank you for your quick reply!! I can't seem to find anything within this MOBO/CPU combo where I can change c-state settings. I don't know that it's something that the 3970X has as a feature.
  4. Hello Everyone, My server has been crashing periodically, and I was hoping for some help. I've attached my diagnostics zip.
  5. I was able to rescue the most important data. Thank you for your help guys!!
  6. I thiiink I have two NVME drives essentially acting as a RAID 1 array for cache, but can ya'all verify that for me by the screenshot?
  7. Will do!! After I get an hard backup of unifi controller.
  8. YES!!! You're the man!! It's up, dockers are working and mover is running!!! Going to swap out that SSD with one I had already planned on putting in anyway.
  9. Thank you!! Trying right now. Fingers crossed. FIrst thing I will do is unload that cache if it works.
  10. The first screenshot of the CLI is from before any changes were made. It was configured as btrfs at that point.
  11. After it was deemed unmountable. Everything was working perfectly until I clicked the "reboot to upgrade" link in the control panel and it rebooted. That's when I found that first screen shot on the display connected to it.
  12. And back to btrfs and regardless it doesn't mount. I've been certain NOT to format.
  13. I had changed it to XFS to match the array.
  14. Thank you for quick replies.... This is SUCKING....
  15. And it was working fine until I clicked on "reboot to update".