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  1. Should we show all of those fields? I was thinking of using 'zpool list' in MAIN and 'zfs list' in SHARES. How would the zpool structure be displayed though? Expandable tree from the pool, similar to what unassigned devices does for partitions?
  2. New version is out From the settings you can set the current unhealthy status to be reported as healthy in the dashboard (the tooltip will still show the correct status), as well as clear it. If the status goes back to fully healthy, then it will be reported as healthy, if any pool changes status, it will be reported as unhealthy again.
  3. Me too, I thought it couldn't possibly be the plugin but it seems that when extracting plugins it overwrites the filesystem permissions with those from the package: It should be fixed now, the problem was I forgot to run the build command as root so it couldn't change permissions before packaging. Sorry for that! Unrelated: @JoergHH the ability to ignore a specific unhealthy status is in the works, I'm working on how plugins are supposed to use settings, hang on a couple more days You will be able to flag your current status and it will report as healthy until
  4. I added a tooltip. I might add the ability to ignore an unhealthy status (that would reset when the status changes). While the pool may not be 100% healthy, in JoergHH's case he may choose not to resolve the issue but the persistent unhealthy status could lead to him not noticing should a different problem/warning arise. What do you think? Sorry for ignoring your question, from what I found you would need to move the data away, reformat the pool, and move it back, as the block size cannot be changed.
  5. I'm no ZFS expert, so I'm open to discussion. From what I found, zpool status -x is the preferred way of getting a synthetic status report. I was thinking of providing an alternative method of checking if all pools are reported as ONLINE, but found examples of pools with errors still being reported as ONLINE (see:, under Determining the Type of Device Failure. That's Oracle's ZFS documentation, not the one we're using but I assume they work the same way), hence I think it's not a good idea because you would have no idea
  6. What is the output of zpool status -x and zpool list ? On mine it says root@Unraid:~# zpool status -x all pools are healthy I'll look into it, to see why it reports it as "not healthy" even if the pool is in fact online
  7. You're welcome, glad it works now have a nice day
  8. I made a new version, let me know if it fixes it
  9. Could you post the output of zpool status as text (or file) instead of image to better test the regex please? thanks :)
  10. It should be fixed now. My pool is not upgraded to the latest features so it was showing "status" and "action" even if healthy
  11. What? Why? Consider this plugin like topping on steini84's ZFS Plugin. I love how Unraid makes it easy to run Docker and VMs and to allow for expansion with mismatched drives, but coming from another software I learned to trust ZFS more than other filesystems. If you're reading this, I guess you prefer it too. While the ZFS Plugin brings our loved filesystem, and I fully understand and share steini84's opinion about keeping the plugin pure and simple with just the binaries, I missed a way to keep an eye on the status of my pool without resorting to shell commands or copy-paste