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  1. Hi, After restarting the array, I'm getting a single drive coming up saying "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout". I haven't move or touched anything just restarted the array. Rather than jumping into rebuilds any advice? I've attached the diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20201004-0040.zip
  2. Hi, I installed ubuntu 20.04 a couple of days ago and checking the setting they seem exactly the same! albeit on an intel platform with - ubuntu-20.04-live-server-amd64.iso Have you tried a new machine completely?
  3. Hi All, I'm trying to get an OVA into unraid. I've got the VMDK file (verified as working with ESXi and Virualbox) converted to RAW format. Created a virtual machine selected the RAW file (img) from the above conversion. I get to the shell boot up, hit exit and looking in the device manager there is no hard disk under boot manager. The machine is created as Q35-4.2. Changing the vDisk Bus to Sata I see a UEFI QEMU HARDDISK QM00005 but it doesn't boot, just goes back to shell. I trie and change the virtual machine type to something like i440fx-4.2 I get - VM creation error XML error: The device at PCI address 0000:00:03.2 cannot be plugged into the PCI controller with index='0'. It requires a controller that accepts a pcie-root-port. Any ideas / debugging where to go with this?
  4. I understand drives can be connected via sata etc. I'm fine with that. But USB drive in the array is a supported feature of unraid and as far as I can tell people do use it without any issues. Is there case somewhere this is has failed and USB is directly to blame? So here's the question what is the risk? A physical connection between two devices, just like SATA. Does SATA hold something over and above USB? Error corrections? or?
  5. That wasn't the question, but thank you. It looks like some people use them no problem others hate them. Since it's actually a feature of unraid - I managed to see the option and potential add a drive, I haven't though - I'll consider it an option under advisement.
  6. That's the cookie! I can see the drives now and it looks like I can mount them as well. If I wanted to put a USB drive into an array how is this done?
  7. Hi All, New to unraid and migrating from freenas. On my new unraid server I've attached a USB drive to test the moving of data between systems and backups etc. However I can't get the drive to spin up, it gives the graphic of spinning but doesn't turn green. I've tried this with different USB drive enclosures on different ports. From what I've read spinning up is the first thing that needs to happen unless I've missed something obvious. Any ideas? Thanks!