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  1. So I opened up Krusader and connected to my main PC using a SMB share. Krusader starts my file system in a folder called "home", then I am able to go up a directory, which says "nobody", then up again where it shows a larger amount of folders. In there I transferred data to a folder that already existed called "media". I then realized I probably needed a user share set up for media, so I did that but it shows nothing under the files there. It shows /mnt/user/media, but if I try to navigate to /mnt/ in krusader, there's nothing there. What's the best way to transfer this correctly? It's not a lot of data so far so I can easily start over if I did something wrong and need to do it another way
  2. So I installed Krusader and started transferring over some files. I started with just my music since it's a smaller collection than the rest of my media. Using Krusader, I transferred the data from my PC over to the media folder. I just now set up "media" under user shares. How do I get the files into the correct place?
  3. Is it possible to put the 8tb drive in the system and transfer it all locally for faster transfer speeds? Or is copying over the network really my only option?
  4. I have officially decided to give unraid a go after much consideration. I have an 8tb drive from my current Windows system I would like to use in my unraid build. This drive is currently storing all my media and is set up as NFTS. New system will have 3x12tb and a 500gb ssd. Using one 12tb drive for parity and the 500gb for cache. How do I go about transferring the data from my current drive over to the new system, so that I can then format the 8tb drive and add it into the array?