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  1. Dang, thanks for looking into that. Do you know if I'm able to send a request to Limetech for it to be fixed in the next release? Also in the mean time, do you know of a cheap 1Gb nic that would work with Unraid? Thanks again!
  2. tower-diagnostics-20190102-1629.zip Alright here are the diagnostics for version v6.9-beta22, thank you for helping!
  3. Hello friends! Coming to you for help after a couple days of troubleshooting. I am building a new NAS/HTPC using the Asus TUF Gaming B550m Plus motherboard with the most recent BIOS. Everything is detected correctly, however it is not able to connect to the network even though it is direct connected to the router through Ethernet. Because of this, I can't get a registration key to be able to set up my drives and all. In my troubleshooting, I have tried using the stable and beta versions of Unraid (6.8.3 & 6.9.0), I have tried both DHCP and setting a static IP, and I have tried putting the Unraid flash drive in different USB slots. None of this made any changes. I then tried booting into a Ubuntu disc, and found I was not able to connect to the network there either. From what I can tell, I don't think Ubuntu nor Unraid has the driver for the Realtek RTL8125B controller that the motherboard uses. I am able to find a Linux driver on Realtek's website here. Do you know if this is the problem? If so, is there a way to add the driver to Unraid? If this isn't the problem, do you have any ideas on what it could be? Thank you! tommy-diagnostics-20190101-0127.zip