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  1. I read some forums posts and feature requests and figured the issue is with the /boot/config/smart-one.cfg file. Each time you change a disk setting it seems to overwrite the previous data in the file. I ended up editing the file manually. with similar info to this and all H240 drives are now reporting the temps in the gui. Not sure this will be fixed by unraid or if it is an issue with unraid or something else but I have a reference file now so will be able to maintain it going forward. [ST5000LM000-2AN170_WKTGF] smType="-d cciss" smPort1="0" smDevice="sdc" [ST5000LM000-2AN170_WC01H] smType="-d cciss" smPort1="5" smDevice="sdh" [ST5000LM000-2AN170_WJVCJ] smType="-d cciss" smPort1="1" smDevice="sdk"
  2. Diagnostics attached. Seems smart logs are reporting this /dev/sdx: Unknown device type 'cciss' for all drives on the H240.
  3. I have an HP 350 Gen9 with 2 x H240 raid cards in HBA mode. Both are functioning fine and I managed to discover the commands to get the disk details so temps are reported on the main screen. But after an hour or 2 the settings seem to drop and temp data disappears. I am settings each disk to use HP cciss smart controller type, with relevant disk index and device name dev/sb*. I used this command to find the serial of each device and therefore work out the disk index. Replace x's smartctl -A /dev/sdx -d cciss,x -i Anyone have any ideas? Is this something that can be set with a script on boot?