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  1. I think I've found the culprit here: root@Kirito:~# dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/null bs=4k status=progress 3133599744 bytes (3.1 GB, 2.9 GiB) copied, 16 s, 196 MB/s^C 802639+0 records in 802638+0 records out 3287605248 bytes (3.3 GB, 3.1 GiB) copied, 16.7633 s, 196 MB/s root@Kirito:~# dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/null bs=4k status=progress 275914752 bytes (276 MB, 263 MiB) copied, 15 s, 18.8 MB/s^C 67394+0 records in 67393+0 records out 276041728 bytes (276 MB, 263 MiB) copied, 15.1245 s, 18.3 MB/s root@Kirito:~# dd if=/dev/sdd of=/dev/null bs=4k status=progress 4916891648 bytes (4.9 GB, 4.6 GiB) copied, 16 s, 307 MB/s^C 1204285+0 records in 1204284+0 records out 4932747264 bytes (4.9 GB, 4.6 GiB) copied, 16.0833 s, 307 MB/s sdb is my 3TB drive, maybe it's becoming to fail, unsure why now though new diagnotics attached kirito-diagnostics-20211212-0315.zip
  2. @trurl It's been now 24h and my array only managed to rebuild 1.59TB of Parity, despite numerous run at 110/120MB/s the days before I don't see any errors on disk Smart results, cables are the same as before, the parity checks on 12/09 and 12/10 were both on the 12TB drive Only change I had to do was cutting the 3.3V rail to power the 12TB drives, because they refused to boot otherwise
  3. Other models are Western Digital White Label 12TB, freshed shucked from 3 My Book units (identical)
  4. Another useful info: One of the three 12TB drives is performing way faster than the 2 others. I may have it a limitation of my motherboard ? I'll let the parity rebuild on this drive first and get back on why the 2 others are performing way slower
  5. @trurl I've attached diagnostics here kirito-diagnostics-20211210-2120.zip So I can rebuild the drives onto larger ones ? That could work for me, I'll move files back, rebuild the parity and find out how to rebuild on a new drive
  6. Hey fellow Unraiders I've bough 3*12TB in order to replace my 1*4TB and 1*3TB drives Now the setup is 1*12TB as parity (already in place and set up) 2*12TB cleared and added to the array 1*3TB and 1*4TB which are already in place Now it's time to move files between disks in order to be able to remove the previous disks I know the question may have been asked abnout how to transfer files between disk (and not Shares). I've found multiple answer but not a clear one of a recent one I found Unbalance quite reliable in the past, I'm planning to use it, but today transfer speed are really slow, like 9-12MB/s I've disabled parity to help with preventing writing to it, I'll redo the parity once done Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance
  7. @bonienl Of course it seems the way to do it, until now I've only worked on private repository, public ones are a new thing to me ! J'ai créé la PR suivante: https://github.com/unraid/lang-fr_FR/pull/1 @Balooforever@Will9560@Pducharme vous pouvez faire la review et engager la discussion dans le fil de la PR si vous avez des remarques. Concernant mon parcours, j'ai 5 mois d'expérience avec Unraid, 5 ans d'expérience professionnelle en utilisant courrament l'anglais pour prendre des notes, faire le dev logiciel et communiquer tous les jours (société basée aux US)
  8. Hi @SpencerJ Well I'm not well versed in using github.com, quite different from my process at work, here you have to fork the repo, push your branch and create a PR from there. I've now learned something new ! I'm going to complete my review and propose a PR here. My github hande is qiou : https://github.com/qiou, you'll see the forked repo and a WIP branch
  9. Après une première inspection locale, je vois quand même quelques fautes de traduction, pas mal d'accents manquants et quelques fautes de frappe.
  10. Bonjour à tous J'ai trouvé par hasard la traduction de Unraid en français et je me suis dis que j'ai possibilité de faire profiter de mon niveau en français et en anglais et mes 4 mois d'expérience sur Unraid pour traduire le plus correctement possible. @SpencerJ pourrais-je avoir les droits d'écriture de branche sur le github lang-fr_FR pour pousser ma branche ? can you give me branch write access to github lang-fr_FR repository so that I can push my branch with my changes ? Merci/Thanks Sinon des fois, la traduction en français occupe 2 fois plus de place que la version anglais, c'est assez perturbant !