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  1. Here you go x-diagnostics-20200829-0923.zip
  2. Hi I am new to Unraid and have been experiencing some random system hangups every other day. The machine seems to be running but I cannot access it from the web GUI and attempting to shut it down using the Power Off button doesn't do anything. Only thing left is to do a hard reboot which is obviously not good. I have written the syslog to my USB and following are the last entries before the system got stuck: Aug 29 06:26:01 X kernel: md: sync done. time=29549sec Aug 29 06:26:01 X kernel: md: recovery thread: exit status: 0 Aug 29 06:33:52 X kernel: mdcmd (47): spind
  3. Sorry I mean PCIe of course. I did look on my local version of Newegg and found the Gigabyte B450 Aorus M which has 6 SATA connections. However, reading further I found out that once you connect a m.2 you loose 2 of those slots. Hence my question if this is even achievable in a board for my CPU.
  4. Hi I am looking to build my first Unraid build and want to use my old trusty Ryzen 7 1700x CPU. My requirements are following: - Support my 1st gen Ryzen - m.2 slot (I have an old one I would like to use as cache) - 6 or more SATA connections for my hard drives - Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX - PCI slot for my GPU I am struggling the most with the finding a board that suppots 6 SATA Harddrives and one m.2 . Is there even such thing? How can I achieve this build? Any help is much appreciated