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  1. FWIW, you can still easily purchase 4 gb sticks, and I don't think the warning as written is an incentive to go out and buy smaller, but does a reasonably good job of explaining that there's no benefit to bigger. It's just that sometimes people will go all-out and buy "the best" and might stick a 64 or 128 gb in there, and that's totally pointless. In any case, I will let the actual unraid developers choose whatever value they want here. It's just a number to edit in the code.
  2. For those who are interested in this thread... We performed various fixes and it should now work on Catalina. We gave the fixes to the lime-tech folks, and hopefully a new USB creator will be made available to the community shortly. BTW, the reason some USB sticks are not "recognized" is because they lack a unique identifier and hence unraid is unable to generate a valid license file (even a trial license), but the user will at least be informed about it now. Basically the changes are: - Now works on Catalina (and hopefully upcoming Big Sur, will look into it if it doesn't -- if anyone wants to test it that'd be great) - USB keys that can't be used will now be listed in the dropdown, but marked as incompatible. If you try to write to it, a message will appear to inform the user for the reason it can't be used (you still won't be able to write to it) - If the key is larger than 4gb, a warning will appear saying the key is needlessly large for no added benefit (you can still write to it). - If more than 1 key is found to be inserted, it will be recommended to remove other keys so that you don't inadvertently write to the wrong one (you can still write to the selected key) - Fixed an issue where switch internal state (downloading, checking key, writing, etc) could put the usb key creator in an unstable state if the process is cancelled. - Fixed a thread cleanup issue which caused a potential crash on exit.
  3. Hi. I can definitely do this. I will send a PM.