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  1. Amazing! Thank you so much Peter, now working perfectly! 🙂
  2. Thanks, yes I've got wireguard working and it's great. But I would like to have openvpn working too as a backup option as I am using Unraid in a small office with various computers, etc. . The Openvpn-as docker needs a licence for more than 2 users so is not an option...
  3. Hello all, Apologies, I am completely stuck and fear I am asking a simple question... 1. Plugin installed 2. Cert & misc settings tab - valid appdata folder, click update list of easyRSA, select the latest version. It downloads to my PC. 3. Main OpenVPN server tab - "Easyrsa is not downloaded". Click on "install rsa key management package". 4. Screen reloads but nothing changes. It still says "Easyrsa is not downloaded". I've looked everywhere but can't find what I have done wrong. Any help greatly appreciated!