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  1. The problem I'm facing is the same as described in the post below, however their solution (OpenJDK) is no longer in the community applications. I'm aware that there are minecraft specific dockers out there but I'd like to be able to install some small self made java programs aswell. Is there an alternative to OpenJDK in the community applications? I already searched for "java", "jdk" and "jre" but didn't find anything.
  2. Thanks a lot, this exactly what I was looking for! Follow up to Question 6 The feature of ZFS that I'm most interested in is that it handles checksums really well and can repair corrupted files using those checksums. Does the standard UnRaid config have a similar feature? So this is not about redundancy but read/write errors that could lead to a file not displaying properly.
  3. If the build works out, I'll build a second box at my brothers place and rsync the most important files for off site backup. It would be more convenient. Getting a notification that drive xy failed and replacing it directly takes less time. What is saved in the config? Would I have to for example reinstall dockers after an upgrade? What kind of expansion card is recommended to add more sata ports to a system?
  4. Disclaimer: I know enough about the topic that i realize I don't really know anything. So if one of the questions is stupid, please help me understand why. I'm currently using OMV with 5*3TB WD Reds in a Raid 5 (12TB usable). However I have had several problems with OMV over the years and want to switch to a more user friendly, reliable and easily maintainable solution. The biggest issue with my OMV install is that I don't feel comfortable upgrading to newer versions since that requires a wipe of the boot drive and I don't want to risk any of the data on the array. Because of that,