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  1. Yes, so the USB stick for Unraid and other devices will stay unless configured
  2. Yeah that should work, it maps the devices to all running VMs, so if you shut it down and start another the USB devices should remap to the other VM.
  3. Scenario: - You want to assign identical devices to each VM - You don't have multiple USB controllers - You cannot identify the USB devices by USB vendor and product id - Amount of VMs could vary and USB device models per type (keyboard, mouse, etc.) could also vary Solution: This script enumerates all running VMs and assigns each VM the configured devices dynamically. If something changes, like amount of running VMs or the attached devices, just run the script again. How to use: 1. Install Python from NerdPack 2. Copy the script to your unraid server as and make it executable (chmod +x 3. Create a file called usbdevices.cfg in the same directory and fill in the device description per device in each line, if the devices of this type are exhausted you can add another device description with semicolon, for example: Fujitsu Siemens Computers;Holtek Semiconductor, Inc. Keyboard Logitech, Inc. M90/M100 Optical Mouse Generalplus Technology Inc. This means that every VM gets a Fujitsu Keyboard, a Logitech mouse and a Generalplus sound device; if the Fujitsu keyboards are exhausted, the next VM gets a Holtek keyboard assigned. 4. Run the script. (This can be automated e.g. via SSH plink.exe from putty) Download: