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  1. I appreciate the follow up. I sent my usb guid id in the last hour and now wait for the reply with the key file. Thanks
  2. I emailed this morning. Thank you for your attention on this forum. Thank you @ChatNoir
  3. Just tried doing this, copied and pasted the license key URL into my browser and getting a 404 page not found. I think something is wrong and maybe I won't be able to download my key.
  4. Figured out my problem now. My BIOS lost all its configurations including date/time, once I updated my server is running again. Interesting you asked about what license. I am currently running a trial version, but have a purchase license key which my server isn't taking. I'm getting a downloading error, so I'm not sure what is going on as I expected that it would be a simple thing to do.
  5. Hello all, Tonight I added a new NIC card to my unraid server because my onboard one was only 100mb. The new NIC is rated gigabit speeds. Now that I have installed it and turned on my server, it's unable to connect to the internet. I can still connect to the the server's portal via local IP. I'm unsure what to do. Also, I don't think this is related but at the bottom the portal page, I see the message "Array Stopped too many devices". I did some troubleshooting, one change I made was disabiling the onboard NIC through the BIOS. I thought that would have helped. I assigned a new IP address for the new NIC in case there was some conflict my router was seeing, but no luck here. I'm unsure what else I can do now. If anyone is interested to help look into my issue and help me get this figured out, I am appreciative. Thanks unraid-diagnostics-20201103-2104.zip
  6. Thanks appreciate your help and tip about SMR which I'm learning about now.
  7. Up to now, my experience with unraid has been with one parity drive, but I'm looking to increase that to two. I just have a couple questions that I like to answer before I decide on the type of drive to purchase. I'm undecided on what type of drive to use for parity. I just read somewhere that it's a waste to use a Red drive for parity, is this true? That is, is it better to use green drives over red (and even blue)? To run two parity drives, do each one have to be as large as the largest data drive like it is when running with one or can they be split? For example, if my largest data drive is 4TB, can each of the parity drives be 2TB? I have a feeling the answer is they both need to be 4TB but looking for confirmation. Thanks
  8. Probably a valid point. I now know my setup is limited and will consider in the future what is needed if I need to upgrade. I'm aware my motherboard is limited to 4 SATA connections and therefore may need to look into a new system or find a decent PCIe controller to add additional ports (preferred approach for now). But the main thing is that my OS is running with the new version!
  9. Wow thanks! I added a 512mb stick and now it is running! If anyone has any clue why this happened, please let the rest of us know especially for people who have a surface/general understanding of unraid (me)
  10. I was able to take a picture of the screen to show where the OS boot stops at
  11. Yes. My motherboard is Asus M2V-MX, cpu is an AMD Athlon 64 X2, with 1GB RAM Parity drive is WD 1TB, and two data disk WD 640GB and 1TB When I run unraid ver 5.0.6, the flash drive is a Kingston datatraveller 512MB. I have tried using this and other flash drives with minimum 512MB to 2GB.
  12. I am attempting to start a new Unraid server on a new usb drive. The installation went ok, but it is stalling somewhere in the boot every time I start it. While the usb drive has been installed with ver 6.8.3, the harddrives have existing data from the previous unraid v5.0.6 - which was very basic, no special configurations other than the data and folders. I was expecting the server to boot ok and bring me into the gui where I would configure the harddrives carefully i.e. parity and two data drives. I have spent about 3 hours trying different usb sticks that I own, scanning for IP addresses to see if that was the problem of not being able to login - but it shouldn't because I have setup a static ip (same as the old configuration). So back to where the boot stalls. The boot doesn't seem to make it through all the way as I was expecting to be able to login to the web portal. Instead the below text is the lines several lines I see on the screen. mount_block_root+0x280/0x2a4 prepare_namespace+0x131/0x167 kernel_init_freeable+0x1d9/0x1e2 Is someone able to tell me what I'm missing?