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  1. I just got home to throw a trail up on the box real quick so I can pull logs and diagnostics... but now i don't need to. I totally missed the box was setup for legacy boot and I didn't notice! Switched it to uefi and it's working!!!! Thanks for catching that good sir!
  2. it is dual Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v3. I verified it's the options under usb security (why they put it there no one knows) and enabled vt-x and vt-d. I also made sure the bios is completely up to date.
  3. Hello! Long time user here, and i'm currently working on migrating from a dell T5500 to a hp z840. Things went downhill from what I thought should be a fairly easy switch. I have some VM's that utilize the pci passthrough and i went to configure them, but the IOMMU groups did not exist. I checked the cpu and it supports vt-d. I checked bios settings and it shows vt-d as enabled. I did attempt to search around to find some info on here, but those items seemed to be what fixed most users issues. I migrated back, and i'm putting together a quick test build so I can get some logs. If anyone can offer some advice, I'd appreciate it! Thank you!