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  1. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that, if it is then I'm not aware of it.
  2. Hi, Unfortunately not, however I do prefer the simplicity of NPM. If Fail2ban is ever implemented, it would top of an already excellent program.
  3. Worked first go, many thanks as always. 👍🏻
  4. Hi, I thought I would post here as my issue seems to be Sabnzbdvpn specific. I am utilising Wireguard to access my UNRAID remotely and can fire up all dockers and use them as if I was local, except for Sabnzbdvpn, it just times out. Sabnzbdvpn is configured the same as the other Binhex containers in that it uses a custom network so they can all talk to one another, and I'm able to access them the same as any other container, except for Sabnzbdvpn. I'm sure this is a simple error on my behalf, but if anyone can advise, it will be greatly appre
  5. Many thanks to everyone whom replied. After some trial and error, this has been the best one for me. Many thanks.
  6. Unfortunately I had to revert the plugin to the previous setting as it threw up errors during the night.
  7. 😂 Brilliant! To be honest that is the exact guide I followed to link both Radarr and Sonarr to Seedbox.io; I think it might just be easier to pop down to HMV......are they still going?
  8. Nzb360 -> Sonarr/Radarr -> Hydra2 (searches NZB via indexes & Torrents via Jackett) -> Sonarr/Radarr -> Sabnzbd/Seedbox.io Hi, I seem to be having an issue with the downloading of torrents. Above is my work flow. I search for a movie/tv show in Nzb360, which sends the request to either Sonarr or Radarr, that in turn forwards it onto Hydra2. NZB's and Torrents are searched, with the results returned back to Radarr/Sonarr. That then forwards the download (if NZB) onto Sabnzbd, which works great. My issue however is that nothing is being sent to
  9. Hello all, After many months of tinkering, upgrading, researching and making many errors, I believe I have a system that is finally "up and running". I have enjoyed the learning process so far and the open-ended nature of it. I wanted to present my settings and see if anyone had any recommendations, improvements, suggestions or advice in general to help me improve things. For reference, my system is; UNRAID Pro, i9-10900K, MSI Z490 Godlike MB, 64gb ram, Gigabyte 3090 RTX, 2x 10tb mechanical HDD, 1x 500gb M.2 (cache), 1x 2tb M.2 (passthrough for sole use of
  10. My Sabrent 2TB M.2 is installed and passed through to the VM as a dedicated drive, things are so much faster! Many thanks.
  11. I've moved over the vdisk to the M.2, I'm sure things will speed up once everything settles down. I've ordered a 2TB Sabrent M.2 solely for my VM. Do you think if I change the VM option from SCSI to something else, would that make any difference?
  12. Many thanks. I have tried to reduce my vdisk1.img size from 500GB to 250GB however I'm not having much luck. I've stopped the VM and tried in the GUI, however it will only allow me to increase the size, not reduce; I have also tried several commands directly in the terminal however that didn't work either; I have ensured that within the VM, the partition has been reduced to 250GB and the remaining unused space is unallocated. ***EDIT*** This command worked for me to shrink the vdisk; qemu-img resize -f raw --sh
  13. Hi, I have the Domains folder set to Yes for "Use cache pool (for new files/directories)", however the actual vdisk image is currently showing as on the array; Do you think it is worth me reducing the vdisk size from 500GB and having bit solely on the cache?