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  1. After the test, there were still only 6 hard drives, so I upgraded the Plus version, and then successfully recognized all hard drives. (The original limit on the number of hard drives in unraid also limits the SATA controller, even if the pass-through is given to the VM).
  2. I am currently installing debian to see if all the hard disks have been read. Thank you for your answers.
  3. I purchased the basic version of unraid (6 hard drives), but I passed the two SATA controllers (9 hard drives) to VMS, but I can’t recognize all hard drives in VMS, only 6 hard drives, so this is the same as Does unraid matter?
  4. OOoook,Thx. I have returned the product and bought a new Broadcom network card.
  5. Hummmm, lspci -v did not find any information about the device. I'm not sure if it is not supported by unraid or for some reason, I can use it normally on the PC. No corresponding driver information was found in unraid, such as "cxgb".
  6. I purchased T520-CR, but it seems that I cannot recognize it.
  7. Hey Guy! I have a Chelsio's T520-CR, and my motherboard is ASRock Z390M Pro4. I plugged it into the PCIe x16 interface, but it seems that Unraid does not recognize it, and there is no trace in the hardware information. I need help.