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  1. Ok. I feel a bit stupid now, considering how easy that was. Thank you so much for your fast answer! Here are 3 pictures for posterity, in case someone else with this question finds this forum thread.
  2. Hello, Problem: I have a container (Jellyfin), that accesses media files. I want Jellyfin to only have read-access on the media folders. But retain full file permissions in the appdata folder. I don't know how to do this. I read the official wiki and searched the forums, but didn't find anything directly related. Why: Seems like a good security precaution. Emby, a related program, have had bugs that delete media libraries. [1][2] The Jellyfin container have UMASK, PUID and PGID options. I have a cache disk that my 'system', 'appdata' and Docker.img is on. Thank you for reading. Any help appreciated.