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  1. Ok, well after some trial and error and googling around. <feature policy='disable' name='aes'/> Is what does the trick. I really don't know why. Let's see if this leads to a ban. 😂
  2. Hi everyone! I have been test-driving me and my girlfriends "2 Gamers 1 PC build" for a while now and the trial is running out soon. Here are the specs and some crazy photos of the themed build ;-). https://pcpartpicker.com/b/YyWbt6 Anyway, since yesterday Battleye has been kicking users on VMs off Siege - which we mainly play. Has anyone figured a way out to circumvene this with other Anti-Cheats - or are we simply screwed? Booting directly off a Windows SSD obviously works for just one gamer - but this was meant to be a 2-in-1 build, so kinda stuck to a VM solution.