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  1. Can CA appdata backup custom files on the cache as well as the appdata? I have business folders on my cache drive (quickbooks, spreadsheets, word documents, pdfs, graphics ect) that I would like to have automatically backed up. Those files are contained within 3 different folders(shares) on the cache pool currently. I did install ca appdata and have it set to backup the app data now but didn't see anyway to add additional files. I did see a few options for other apps on the app page and was just curious if there was a "go to" or standard one people use. I'm not a pro at this and not going to pretend to be lol.
  2. Well, after trying to do what i found here for the past hour with nothing but drive can't be found errors, it suddenly started working... Lol so heart attack averted for now and I copplied the entire cache to my local computer just encase as a backup. Currently I'm using the "prefer" option for these shares to keep them on the cache disks for greater speed and to ensure the data I'm working with across multiple computers is always the same. Can anyone suggest an app or way for me to automatically back up the cache drive to the array as set intervals? Or even back up the cache drive to my main PC or even google drive? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone. So earlier today we had a bad storm. Power flickered and went out. When the power came back on I started up the server and array and noticed the array is fine, but the cache isn't working. I have 2 drives in the cache pool and the one now says unmountable: No file system and the other says device is part of a cache pool. I can't see any of my shares that are stored on the cache only, and unfortunately the shares stored there are work files that I really do not want to use. Since I have 2 drives I figured I'd be ok if one went down but I can't seem to figure out how to read off the other drive that seems fine. I have the option to format that unmountable drive, which will destroy the data on that drive, which I'm terrified of doing until I know if the data on the second drive is ok and will recover my data. Thank you for any help you can provide.