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  1. ~3 months later I'm finally moving on this idea. Thank you so much jonathanm for all of your awesome insight. Does anyone have some answers on file transfers via Midnight Commander between drives with similar file structures? Example: I have a drive that's already established but has more than enough space to move files from a larger drive to an already established but pretty empty drive. How should I move files from "drive A" containing files within a structure that includes files defined as /Movies/foldername/filename (not as important as movies that are exclusive files because movies are one instance)... and /TV/Series "X/"filename? Is the intelligence built-in that the files will go into the "right place" and not create random directories? Shorter version: I select to copy drive A to drive B.... does it understand or account for file structure?
  2. The majority of my drives are currently ReiserFS... and all 14 of them are now 4TB (well, currently rebuilding my last replacement drive @ 4TB). Only three of those 14 are XFS. I'm guessing, per johnathanm's last post, that my performance is suffering due to this. Considering my earlier post on bigger drives, how would you recommend I remedy this? Pick up two 12GB drives initially and replace the parity then one data that is already XFS... then gradually transfer the existing data to the new 12TB XFS drive until I have an empty existing drive... then replace that one with another new 12TB XFS... rinse and repeat... and repeat... and repeat... as my time and wallet allows? Is there an easier way?
  3. Really? "Back in the day" Unraid told of drive size limitations... at least as I remember it. That's awesome! I appreciate the reply johnathanm. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm sorry if you find this question stupid or that you feel that I'm lazy and didn't search the general info or FAQ... but I didn't find this answer: can anyone give me a quick answer on the drive size compatibility currently provided by Unraid (bonus question: is "Lime Tech" no longer a thing)? I'm seeing drives at 12 & 14TB in size currently available for purchase online and would I love to pick-up a few to upgrade my parity and at least one storage drive, if I can. Thanks in advance!
  5. Great idea, Frank. I appreciate the tip. Edit: Thanks for the tip on the screen capture, as well. I generally do just that because I'm prone to errors and like to make a record of things before I eff everything up. I try to keep my server software up-to-date and I just now updated to 6.4.1
  6. Awesome! Exactly the answer that I was hoping to hear on the hardware. I'll have to scour through old emails and see if I did, in-fact, purchase during a promotion that provided me two Pro keys. Otherwise, I'll pick-up a new one. Thank you so very much for your quick reply, Hoopster.
  7. Hello all, I dug a little through forum posts, but my ham-fisted searches came up empty on this specific topic. Please forgive my ignorance if the answer should be obvious and I hope that you'll humor me by answering anyway. I've been running UnRAID for a rather long time (approx. 8 years) and now I'm considering an upgrade of my motherboard, processor and RAM. If I simply swap this hardware and plug in all the same drives, along with the configured OS on my USB flash device, will/should everything simply work again without any extra effort? Also, I own a Pro key... I seem to remember from back when I originally bought this Pro key that it can be used on two machines, but I cannot find anything on the site that confirms this. I'd like to build a secondary server with the old hardware that's being upgraded... Thanks for any info that you can provide.
  8. Thank you so very much for your thorough and succinct explanation of unRAID and its workings. What you have explained to me will surely prove invaluable. I'm sure than I've just stumbled and you've set me on the correct path. I appreciate your time and attention and I'll hopefully be smart enough to apply what you've taught me. Thank you!
  9. Crap... I forgot to answer a question: I do still have the original disk 10. She's pouting right here beside me.
  10. Hey trurl. Thank you so much for the quick reply! I didn't actually "preclear" it, as far as I know what that is (preclear requires a process performed using a software outside of a tool or plugin provided in unRAID itself, right?)... I let it run the full-on looooooong clear process that unRAID does and it found this brand new drive to be healthy and problem free. This is a fairly decent brand drive and I just ripped it out of the packaging. HGST Deskstar 4TB 7200RPM Sata III 6Gbps 64MB Cache (not posturing or gloating by any means as I know this isn't a Ferrari, but it's a fair "middle of the road" drive, right?... my parity is the same or similar). I do not have notifications setup. I didn't even know that was a thing. I surely will now. So, if I completely drop/remove the disk from the array (should I power down, physically unplug the stupid thing and fire back up?) then run a "parity check" does that rebuild parity without it and effectively lose the "old" Disk 10 info or is there a different process I need to find/run? Yeah, I appreciate what you're saying, really I do. I should have come to the doctor the second I felt the tingle in my throat. I conceded that I'm an idiot. All the other drives/data appear to be intact. I'm just thankful that you're here to help this idiot through his idiocy. You're awesome!
  11. Hey guys. first time caller, long time listener. I'm at my wit's end... I'm not a pro at server setup, not by a long-shot. Any help at all would be hugely appreciated. Here's my story (diagnostics attached), please stay with me if you can: My array for quite a while has consisted of 13 drives (parity and 1 thru 12. No cache, I guess I'm patient). About a year ago I'd noticed that my "Disk 10" decided to take on an Egyptian theme and adopted a pyramid icon next to it (running 6.0.2 beta at the time, I believe). All of the contents were still accessible and usable without a hiccup, even though the temperature and some other stats were not reported and the web interface didn't think it was "spun-up". I'd chalked it up as some sort of glitch because it "worked" as far as I could tell and ignorance ensued. Fast-forward to a week ago: I upgraded to 6.1.9 and Disk 10 then showed a big, red X that, when hovered over, reported "device is disabled, contents emulated". That added to the annoyance that more and more often I would get errors when writing files to the server. I have been stockpiling hard drives so I figured it was time to retire/replace Disk 10 as the physical drive must've taken a dump. That's just what I did... I copied all of the drive's contents to a big ol' external drive beforehand (hooray?), I shut her down, swapped out the drive and fired it back up. I defined the new HDD in Disk 10's spot and ran the super-long clear and then ran the super-super-long data rebuild. Good news: I got my green dot back! Bad news: about 90% of the files were not rebuilt to the drive (though all the folders were still there) and most all of the files that were still present were corrupt in that they would not open at all. These corrupt files also refused to be deleted, overwritten, renamed, etc. FYI: the web interface also thought the rebuilt drive was back up to the original content size (used/free). Again, luckily, I have all of the contents of that a-hole Disk 10 currently backed-up on an external drive so all is not lost. I'd hoped that I could just reformat the drive so I redefined to xfs, rather than the original rfs because that's the only way I could figure out to initiate a reformat... I ended up with an empty Disk 10 with a happy green dot again. Not so thrilled to be "manually" rewriting 4TBs of data to a drive, but I'd accepted my defeat. Then, after just transferring approximately 5GB of data that damned red X came back again! It's back to "emulating" what is basically zero contents. If you're still with me (thank you) my questions are pretty straightforward and short: 1) How do I get my parity drive to wipe its "memory" of the sh*tshow that is Disk 10 so it doesn't try to rebuild a worthless piece of garbage on a brand new, perfectly functional and "cleared" drive that I hope/plan to just manually repopulate? 2) Is there some other way I have/need to do this? Like I give this new physical drive a different number, say... disk 13, then once populated with the data I want on it, redefine it to become the new Disk 10 somehow? (Reason I want Disk 10 specifically to return is that it contains media that's already defined within a library). Hey... you made it this far! Thank you so much!