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  1. Thank you guys .. I switched the IP4-assignment now to "NONE" and was able to set up the network manually in docker-settings. Now it´s also possible to type in a gateway. Earlier I changed for testing the NGINX docker image to port 1480 and 1443 and it came up on the wrong ip ( Now after the changes it uses (perfect) but it fails on both ports: I can use every port I want to but it fails always. Something I forgot?
  2. Thank you ken-ji for your reply .. I tried as you suggested but it seems docker continues to use the wrong network ..
  3. Hello again, since I´m trying to install mailcow on unraid (without additional VM) I´m facing the next problem and hopefully you can give me a hind how to solve it What I´m trying: * I have two NICs installed (see picture) * One NIC should be used for the "internal" network. Unraid should be available only on this NIC * Second NIC should be used for mailcow and is connected to the VLAN of my internet DMZ. The second NIC should only be available for mailcow running on docker I chaned my NIC settings but in the moment I´m changing eth1 a
  4. Thank you. I will give it a try but I just want to understand why I lost the data ..
  5. ... and I´m back What I have done mkdir /opt/mailcow-dockerized mkdir /mnt/user/appdata/mailcow/mailcow-dockerized mount --bind /opt/mailcow-dockerized /mnt/user/appdata/mailcow/mailcow-dockerized cd /opt git clone cd mailcow-dockerized I started the containers (one failed but my fault .. wrong config). I restarted unraid .... aaaaaaaaand: Everything is gone "/opt/mailcow-dockerized" => OK because it has to be mounted manually (later via go script) but what I really don´t understand: Why is the fo
  6. Thank you two, I will give it a try and report back
  7. Hey, I´m just evaluating unraid (I think I will buy a license :)). Currently I have a fully overpowered NAS with several virtual machines. My plan is to use a low power hardware in the future and ebay will take care of my old NAS. Now I just tried to install Mailcow (my mail actual mail solution) with unraid but it was not that easy I expected: docker-compose: Since the CA don´t have compose on board anymore I decided to use docker-compose as docker image with an alias ( Seems to do it´s job good :). Check. The installation manual of mailcow ask to do clone the