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  1. Hi! thank you for your fast reply. You are absolutely right!!! That makes sense, because only SATA connected devices are affected. 08.00.0 was my Nvidia 2060 GPU I have added to the vfio config. After the install of the PCI device on the second 16x slot seems to change the IOMMU numeric order of these devices, as the following screenshot shows: Now my GPU has the number 09.00.0 (before 08.00.0). So I changed the config as you mentioned and now it works. Thank you so much for your help!!!! Have a nice day! Best regards, Reini
  2. Hi, I am using a X570 ASUS TUF Gaming motherboard and installed the following storage parts: 1.) 500GB PNY NVME 2.) 4 TB HDD 3.) 4 TB HDD 4.) 1 TB Kingston NVME mounted through PCI 4x Card on the secon 16x Slot, because I dont have a exclusive 4x Slot 5.) 2GB USB Stick => UNRAID The Storages show up in the BIOS, everything is recognized, but UNRAID found everything except my both 4 TB Storage, which stands for my actual array (1 Array, 1 Parity). Nov 19 10:58:40 Tower emhttpd: Plus key detected, GUID: 0..B FILE: /boot/config/Plus.key N
  3. @mikotoiii thx for your reply and sorry for my late reply, yes I solved it with a newer version of unraid (at the moment I am on beta 35, but it worked already with version 30) thank you! But to be honest, I am not sure if I will stay with Unraid, my system freezes every day 3-4 times, I think it´s an Issue with the soundsystem (connected as mentioned via TOSLINK) or maybe its according to Spotify - I´ve no idea... Interessing fact, If I switch the audio Input to my headset (connected to the fron panel AUX conection) and starting CS GO (Counter Strike) for a game and playing a song in sp
  4. outside of unraid, maybe "notion" is something for you. I personally use it from time to time for little personal projects, to-do lists, tasks, etc. etc. Or maybe evernote
  5. UPDATE: I figured out a way to pass the GPU through with a GT705... the AMD RX280 caused me problems all over again and never worked. So i bought an 2060 super from nvidia and now it works without any issues (just enabled ACS) and configured it in the vm settings. But I the next problem is, that I cant figure out a way to get my audio working. I am using a Logitech Z906 Soundsystem and thats connected to the PC via Toslink. I´ve tried to install "VFIO-PCI Config" Plugin and pass it through but I guess there is something wrong, because the VM will not boot and the who
  6. Hi there, I am new here and overall in unraid, so I am actually in the trial period and since almost two days I am confronted with a GPU passthrough problem. My system: Ryzen 9 3900X 64GB (non-ECC) RAM ASUS TUF Gaming x570 plus Motherboard Radeon 280X 3GB 512 nvme and a few old harddisks and ssd´s My goal is to Game almost "nativ" via unraid system. So the final status should be, I am starting the workstation and booting into unraid. Win10 (Virtual Client) starts automatically and I can play games, etc. etc. and also reach my unraid In